As humans, we all define success in different ways. The things we value in life and what we consider of worth can vary from one person to another. To one person, ‘rich’ may mean having a lot of money in the bank or many possessions, while to another it may mean to be surrounded by family and love. Because the definition of what is valuable is not the same for all, the definition of success will vary.

We spoke to several inspiring entrepreneurial women and had them chime in on how they define success. This is what they had to say.

” Success can have different meanings for all women.  For me, it is knowing that I built a business that allows me to have financial freedom and independence. It is knowing that members of our team have been able to purchase homes and send their kids to college because of the business we have built together. It is knowing that the choices I have made will make it so my nieces and goddaughters have better opportunities in the future. This is my meaning of success.”

– Bianca Valbuena, SocialDraft (
“Success is being passionate enough about your dreams, to make them happen no matter the odds. It’s that drive, that fuels you to keep going no matter what.”

– Samantha Foxx, IVIVIIV Cosmetics (
“Success to me means that I do not have to count on anyone else but myself for my business and personal life wants and needs. I love what I do, I control it and I have the independence and freedom to make all of my own choices and that is very liberating. As an added bonus, I am able to also bring jobs to other female entrepreneurs so that they can take care of their families as well.”

– Rachel Charlupski, The Babysitting Company (
“For me, success means spending your days and life on things that matter, make me happy and create an impact. It’s cliché, but I realize life is short and there’s no sense in wasting time. Success is being able to wake up daily, passionate and optimistic about the day ahead, knowing that what you do will positively impact others. Finding that truly matters to you is essential. Not every day is going to be great, but if you can feel that way on most days and finds things to be grateful for (and learn from)—you’re doing something right. If you can’t, then something has to change—be it your job, people you surround yourself with, activities, or attitude. While people come from different backgrounds and situations, I think we are all in control of our success and happiness. Many will find excuses for not being successful, but each new day is an opportunity to add more things that matter into your life and shed those that weigh you down and prevent you from feeling successful.”

-Sarah Kinsella, CrowePR (

There is no one set answer when it comes to defining success. To some success is the ability to control their own life without having someone telling them what to do. While others, success is the ability to follow their dreams and do what they love. We all define success in a variety of ways. The important thing is to go out there and make it happen!



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